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"If you don't tell my mom still knows his is pêđê. Sorry that you are not my daughter, if not the very beautiful ", saying of her mother makes Psalm (the guy in the third world) obsession.

LINQing Honor ever since he was born into a family of teachers retirement, my father was the patriarchal and very demanding, very gentle mother injured but was thoroughly woman listening to her husband.

Contrast with sons, right from small trout, Vinh became frail personality much like her daughter, voice and way of walking is also soothing. These differences become the cause for the battle Honours that suddenly blow suffered from the strict father.

He said: "I was familiar with how her uncle treats her as such, familiar fading with the whip so used to solitude and deterioration in the family". Being relatives spurned, estranged, roi, but also didn't know he had done nothing wrong. Honor itself is probably due to her too frail, walking gesture, voice my daughter suffers from slots and all interests are ' his ' daughter makes people indoors feel objectionable.

"At such times, The Other just know sitting crying alone and sneaks look like mother trying to make search a Bracelet Watch, though that certainly my mother just silence and look, because my mom always made according to three".

Convinced that the strict teachings and reclaim the roi is so miserable that Honor to suffer, but to the second level, New England life tragedy actually begins.

"Since grade 7 until grade 11, Vinh has been classmates stigma and taken as joke. Every time out, you often and though an egypian back buttocks of Honor out of view and then thrown away. The consequence is the school day also in the status ' rack rack ' ", the life story continues to be effective.

At first he jokes stem from curiosity of peers, but later on it as bold and persistent render Honor lives more miserable. He endured the mistreatment he Tigers during 5 years. Never Honor feel afraid to go to school like that, can't tell the teachers, thanks to the family intervened again as cannot, Margaret hid. He would also hike along the road Lê Duẩn, wait till the hour concludes then dared to ride home. The consequences for these dates was then Honored with their Board of grade 11.

Graduating grade 12, frail boy on that pass and attend university HO CHI MINH CITY Open Public Sale. But only for a few semesters, Janice's life started to really because the sadness must seek to conceal themselves along with the many pressures from family, education, the economy, because it alone bươn comb living ...

Can't find a way out and not know who stabbed him, opine, probably the same thought and attempted suicide ... But two suicidal Glory shall be saved. "Maybe even death does not want to receive the Honor," Psalm sad smiley recalled.

After the ups and downs, praises the decision to send the life at the mouth of Buddha with the hope I can find the well-being "of this realm has dropped and then told to wait half liberation".

In 2001 he entered the convent in the Temple who fail (province of BA RIA-Vung Tau) followed the original Tribe of southern (Theravada). Daily work mainly chanting, typed the manuscript for the publication, lo and rice night meditation.

"That's the date of Honor feels happy and serene. However sad that in the original renunciation law indicates, the androgynous or hermaphroditic not tu here, so the Honor felt himself unable to continue his way anymore ". Honor self away from the mouth of Buddha and began living life.

He got health to participate in military service. Holding the paper to enlist in his hand, he khấp no fun start spelling because with him: "this is the chance to prove whether gender differences are still a useful citizen, national service and their responsibility to the country". Song again also cannot fulfill the obligation because the local returns unit with the reason "is gay".

Looking back at his time was over, Vinh said: "thanks to the dates in the pagoda, Vinh has learned a lot of stuff and see the value of his life. Vinh found that when both the family and society are denying themselves which themselves are also not acceptable anymore that it's cruel. "

"No one has the right to choose gender for themselves but they have the right to choose their own life. That in mind do Vinh decided staying true to yourself, don't conceal themselves anymore, live happily and participate in community activities. Just do the hiring, just going to school, the economy is tight, but has never Acknowledged such happiness to feel ".

Is the current approach and the administrative accounting for a community organization, each January Honor goes to approach media HIV prevention for men who have sex with men (MSM) and South to practice prostitution (MSW) in HO CHI MINH CITY. He said, in this social welfare work, invariably he consider his life born misfortune should have to contribute overall to the community and the gay plight.

"Honor wants people to understand that gay is not bad, the gays also deserve respect in society. People should look fair and recognizes contributions of gay people with families and society instead of stigma and alienate them. That only made them live hidden, do not have access to HIV/AIDS, from which rise the HIV infection in homosexual group ", Thanh Vinh expressed.

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