Apr 142012


An advertising clip for a local franchise of a Singaporean cake company has inflamed netizens with its vulgar content.

Titled “Chewy Junior TVC,” the 1-minute clip purportedly features two gay men and a girl fighting over a cake.

In the opening scene, a man is massaging his girl friend at a pool. Suddenly, a spurt of cream from a man eating a Chewy Junior puff cake nearby lands on his face. Seduced by the cake, he walks over to the cake’s owner, who to all outward appearances is a gay man, and distracts the guy by licking smears of cream on his face to steal a box of cakes.

The licking scene has given many people goosebumps. Three days after its release on the Internet, the clip received more than 130,000 views with over 1,000 dislikes from Youtube users.

“I don’t know how good the cakes are, but watching this video makes me not want to try any of them,” a netizen nicknamed Saphiahika said.

“The clip is so vulgar, it makes me sick. The company’s gonna lose many customers after this ad,” kittykeni9x added.

Some express their disapproval of the ad for the way it portrays homosexuals.

“Making fun of homosexuality is unacceptable. It will only encourage the society to have an aversion to gays in Vietnam,” Huynh Minh Thao, representative the homosexual community in Vietnam said.

“The homosexual community in Vietnam is planning a campaign to condemn to the ad,” he added.

Last month, a TV series titled “Hoa Nang” aired on VTV3 also angered the public for its vulgar content depicting the profligate life of a group of young people. In a scene, a male character was seen licking wine dripping on his girl friend’s breast, embarrassing most audiences.

Since the movie was broadcast at 9:15pm, the TV prime time that attracts a large number of viewers including children, it aroused fierce criticism from people who worry the film would have a bad affect on their kids.