Apr 022013
Dinorah Figuera

"The Government has forgotten the patients with HIV and does not guarantee them the drugs they need." Since November 2009, there have been failures in the provision of anti-retroviral drugs and the of reagents for the control and monitoring of HIV. Failures have been recurring in all States of the country,"thus it denounced the MP of the unit Dinorah Figuera.

FIGUERA, who is also a doctor, said that with regard to this type of medication, if lack at least one of the components of the treatment, the person must stop completely, otherwise it would be at risk of producing a picture of "resistance" to the treatment and you can lose the effect of antiretroviral of one or more of the drugs that make up the prescription.

"From the end of 2012, does not appear the generic drug, Raltegravir, unique in its kind in the world, used in the so-called rescue therapies, taken by those who have had the virus for 10 to 20, and they have gone through various schemes of treatment. This drug is priced at Bs. 3.800. To which is added the shortage of reagents for control and monitoring of HIV testing", said the parliamentary.

It was reported that it is has knowledge of federal entities in the country where single people can have a test every year, or year and a half, which is even contrary to national guidelines. "The impossibility of doing these tests, at least every 4 to 6 months, means that medical monitoring of the infection process is not appropriate. If the treatment of a person begins to not be effective because of the resistance and mutations of the virus, could take that year or year and a half to hear, which, in turn, can generate serious consequences for their health. The lack of reagents for something as basic as a screening test is a severe flaw in what refers to the policies of prevention and comprehensive care", he said.

FIGUERA said that contrary to the indolence prevailing in this Government, the administration of national unity will take care of that population in general, and in particular the fewer resources, is included in the drug policies, and there is no fault for the treatment of their diseases.

Unit: "the Government has forgotten the patients with HIV"