May 122012
Adair Lion

Texas rapper Adair Lion is pushing boundaries by daring to rap about how he believes being gay is okay.

His new song Ben uses a familiar hook from Michael Jackson’s song of the same name, but builds around it a very clear message: being gay is not something to be ashamed of. In the song, which is taken from Adair’s forthcoming album “Michael & Me,” Adair tackles the politics of the rap game and even takes on religion.

Steve Williams

  • TheStumblingBlock

    The video, the song, the sampling, the homage to Mr. Jackson bleeding into a personal note about his father, bleeding into an encouraging note about dropping judgment, the constant rejection of the $3 bill (with Ben Franklin on it)… all of this comes together in one amazing, genius work of art. And dammit, now I can’t say that no rap song has ever made me cry