Nov 092012
Stand With Us

Text provided with video:

“The election is over, but the campaign isn’t. President Obama’s reelection means we conservatives have to redouble our efforts to fight big government and stop any liberal advance.”

Россия - геи и лесбиянки объединятся в политическую партию
Russia - First trial in St. Petersburg for the "Propaganda of Sodomy and Lesbianism" will ...
Kenya - Clergy oppose Human Rights Commission recommendation to legalise prostitution and homosexual...
Mundial - Ser homosexual está penado con la muerte en cinco países y en 78 es ilegal
Ireland - Second council, South Dublin County, vote in favour of full marriage rights
France - Mariage gay: la "liberté de conscience" évacuée du projet de loi
France - Basée à Saintes, Adheos pour défendre le mariage gay et l'égalité des droits
Rusia - Han rechazado la posibilidad de que las parejas homosexuales de Francia adopten niños rusos
Canadá - Tribunal Supremo confirma la sanción a un activista homófobo por crear un clima de odio hac...
  • Lesberatti

    Save the Nation so white males can maintain their sense of privilege. Who cares about Future Generations? Led them fend for themselves like my generation did.