Dec 262012

A majority of Senators of the broad front, the left coalition which governs Uruguay, has decided to yield to the pressure of those who oppose equal marriage and delay the vote of the law that have been approvedThis Wednesday - as planned-It had opened marriage to couples of the same sex. The project is now delayed until "no later than April" with the argument that the opposition needs more time to examine the project.

All indications are that the broad front, which needed to ensure the presence of a Senator of the opposition so that the extraordinary session of the Senate would have the necessary quorum to discuss the order of the day, has chosen to sacrifice the project of equal marriage in favour of other topics that has preferred to give priority. "We don't have another because we have a set of important issues that we have to analyze. It is not of Pluna, the construction workers... And until Susana don't recover we will have this problem whenever we have an extraordinary session[Susana Dalmás, Senator of the Frente Amplio, who is hospitalized in serious condition] There is no other; will be for March"explained the Senator Eduardo Lorier, one of those who just opposed the delay.

The LGTB collective Uruguayan sheep black has already shown its outrage by what happened. On your Facebook a brief statement that wanted to show their appreciation, in any case, the five senators of the broad front that opposed delaying the vote has been released. "5 Lawmakers who defended the position that respect for the Constitution must not be delay were: Constanza Moreira (E609), Eduardo Lorier (PC), Luis Rosadilla (CAP-L), Daniel Martínez (PS) and Alberto Couriel (E609)." The seats of new space and Assembly Uruguay, shed Artiguista voted for delay, as well as most of the legislators of the MPP and the Socialist Party". Black sheep has appealed also to concentrate against the Civil Registry of Montevideo. "We not postpone! See you at 7 pm in the Civil Registry. Sarandi 428. Old town". More expressive collective, Federico Graña spokesman has shown on his Twitter. "Long garganteo, long garganteo, three priests and four screams in the Senate and taaa, delays. "Missing sangreeeee!", He has written.

A project that threatens to eternalize

Already Since more than a year and a half ago It is almost certain approval of the Bill of equal marriage in Uruguay, a country that already He drafted a law of marital unions in 2007 and that in 2009 passed a law on adoption open to all couples regardless of sexual orientation, and a gender identity law.

The parliamentary process has been delayed however repeatedly, to the point that the Uruguayan Justice took the lead andacknowledged months ago the validity of a marriage celebrated in Spain and a Spanish and a Uruguayan citizen. Now joins a new delay.

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