Apr 102013
Integrantes de las organizaciones favorables al matrimonio igualitario en las barras del Parlamento

The collective black sheep, promoter of the project drawn up by one of its members, the Attorney Michelle Suárez, summoned to attend bars to celebrate the passage of the law, as well as enable the marriage between persons of the same sex, contains changes to the civil code in matters such as divorce, filiation and right to identity of children and adoption.

The Organization says that "many Uruguayans were born in a country where being gay, Lesbian and trans amounted to be sick, amoral, or even a family or social disgrace. Given this unfair, a handful of men and women dedicated to fight for the defense of sexual diversity and visibility. This struggle for decades paved the way for whole cycle of legal achievements, as the approval of the concubinaria union, the reform of the system of adoption, and change and registry sex act. A cycle that is now closed with the adoption of the draft's egalitarian marriage. It is time to celebrate."

The session of Deputies begins about 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

180: Today will be approved the equal marriage

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