Mar 122013
Georgy Poltavchenko

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El homófobo gobernador de San Petersburgo, Georgy Poltavchenko, canceló su visita a Uruguay. La intendenta de Montevideo, Ana Olivera, le informó al Colectivo Ovejas Negras que, en reconocimiento de los derechos humanos de la diversidad sexual, se anuló la resolución de ciudadano ilustre que había expedido en honor a Poltavchenko.

In St. Petersburg, after the entry into force of this law, be fined 5,000 rubles (128 euros) who make “homosexual propaganda”.

The Black Sheep Collective, through a statement, expressed “satisfaction with the government’s decision Montevideo and congratulates all individuals and organizations mobilized against Poltavchenko’s visit.”

From this, they canceled the protest called for Thursday March 14 at the Esplanade Theatre Solis.

Poltavchenko would be received on Wednesday 13 intendenta Ana Olivera, Parliament and the National Chamber of Commerce and Services.

Valeria Rubino, the Black Sheep Collective, told 180 that Poltavchenko “is the driving force behind the attack on homosexuals in Saint Petersburg and throughout Russia wants to impose.”

From Black Sheep regularly exchange information with foreign groups. “For the partners of Russia is not so simple for all this violence that has broken out in St. Petersburg. It is so easy to be with public visibility, but we’ve contacted, “he said.

“We asked them what they thought, because everyone knows how the actions of other organizations in other countries can reach nationwide impact. From there we were told that they would be important to see in Russia than in other countries are made aware dissatisfaction with these discriminatory laws, “he said.



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