Apr 092013
Karina Hermosillo

The participant of Mexican origin words were: "I am a lesbian and I'm proud to be one".

Due to her confession, the participant received applause and criticism for her 'sincerity' during the hearings.

Karina Hermosillo said she felt that she should be brave and from the beginning, sharing the truth.

Hermosillo said that telling the truth "free people", even to those who suffer from prejudice and discrimination.

According to TVNotas, Karina belongs to the team of Julián Gil and her dream is to be the first gay beauty queen, a motivation to win the competition.

She said that many young homeless people out of their homes due to attacks by relatives about her homosexuality, and she will ensure that she will use the power of her voice to help people who are in this situation.

For her it is very important the message of their participation beyond in the audience and said "regardless of sexual orientation, the height, nothing matters if one wants to show the beauty of one's interior, they can do it. I want to inspire people to be themselves and have no fear of anything."

The first Nuestra Belleza Latina pleads gay

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  • http://twitter.com/oseagallo E. Q.

    The translation could use some work, I don’t think the gender is right, well, in the context of how she specifically competed as “belleza latina” just saying…