Apr 252013
Dangerous Kisses

His father has told how parents should perhaps not necessarily hear it. On the other hand: even blame. The father had been at CY in the dorm to visit, had unasked Herum typed on his laptop and then seen photos, parents may not necessarily want to see photos on which the son kissing a man. No woman.

The reaction was outrage, then shame, finally followed by educational activities: no own apartment more back to MOM and dad, curfew, prohibition of contact. Reeducation camp. If it would prevent gem just long enough to see Petya, the father believed, then these perverse phase would pass. CY was 21, so adult. "He wanted to heal me," says the young man today. "Or at least make sure that it gets nobody, but nobody." Then he laughs, without finding it funny.

The mother was allowed to learn anything. A gay son? Unthinkable, found the father, this shame. Where: "Gay" it does not say in the Ukraine that would be too direct. "Men who have sex with men," says officially, it sounds like more a practice than to a tilt. And practices can be changed. Homosexuality is still taboo; Many Ukrainians, many politicians, keep them for a disease. The Ukraine is located, what is the acceptance of same-sex relationships behind Russia and Europe in last place.

That in France, in the United States, in Germany currently to marriages for gays and lesbians will be reclaimed, adoption rights, to tax privileges, that sounds in Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv and Odessa, as someone send messages from Mars. In the Ukraine, says Anna Dogopol, who at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Kiev "Gender equality and the rights of lesbian women" advocates and even lesbian, "are already registered partnerships as a perversion of European law".

Draft law against "homosexual propaganda"

Perhaps this is the reason why in the country currently two laws in preparation, to prohibit the "homosexual propaganda"; individual members of the governing party and the Communists, but also by Julia Tymoshenko's fatherland party stand behind it. Both designs are modeled after the Russian "Antischwulengesetz" and are designed to prevent that will be spoken in public, in schools, in the media or in public health about homosexuality or enlightened.

Because that could be, say the initiators of the two competing laws seduce children and devastate their souls. What they don't say: Europe, the Ukraine has the highest rate of increase in HIV infections. Homosexuals are a risk group. You would have to talk also about it, when you talk about prevention and treatment of AIDS. That would protect children.

In the case of Isolda gem and Petya, the silence and the prohibitions of the father have changed for some time quite a bit, but ultimately nothing. The son, who loves a man, could his friend a three-quarter year round only on the road meeting, during the lunch break, when Petya, who works as a manager at a trading company, was allowed to briefly times stuck his head in the air. Then they went for a walk.

The smaller blonde CY, who looks like a boy from an advertisement for organic apples, cheerful, round face and pretty, and the larger Petya, a narrow 27 with soft movements and brown hair, that it falls on the shoulders and in the forehead. At ten degrees minus were the two by Kiev City Centre, also at 30 degrees minus or at five degrees plus. Where had they also want out? Petya lived until recently, mother and sister, there was no space to tenderness.

Cathrin Kahlweit

Homosexuality in the Ukraine: dangerous kisses - live - Süddeutsche.de

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