Jul 252012
Rainbow Greeks

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In three days, the 30th Olympic Games begin in the British capital of London. Then, more than 10,000 athletes will fight for Olympic precious metal. Of the more than 10,000 athletes, there are 20 openly gay athletes. The number of unreported cases should be higher, as a coincidence seems to show. As the first larger number of athletes moved into their quarters in the Olympic village, crashed the gay dating app Grindr.

From July 27, over 10,000 athletes fight for medals at the 30th Olympic Games in London in London. Several international media portals have counted 20 participants among the athletes, are open to their homosexuality.

20 Athletes (openly) gay

When the last summer Olympic Games have taken place in the Chinese capital of Beijing, only 10 participants have known their homosexuality. Thus, the number of those who are open to sexual orientation or sexual orientation is known, has doubled.

Total (officially) 20 openly gay athletes in London take part in the Olympic Games. The German portal"Queer.de"has published the international list of athletes that are their homosexuality to. These are the cyclist Jud Judith Arndt and the fencer Imke Duplitzer of Germany.

France sends a same-sex couple to London with the triathletes Carole Péon and Jessica Harrison. Holland also sent yet London with the field hockey players Maartje Paumen and car lien Dirkse van den Heuvel of a couple. The other athletes: Seimone Augustus (basketball, United States), Marilyn Agliotti (field hockey, Netherlands), Natalie Cook (beach volleyball, Australia), Lisa Dahlkvist (Sweden, soccer), Carl Hester (rider, England), Edward GAL (horse riding, Netherlands), Alexandra Lacrabère (handball, France), Hedvig Lindahl (Sweden, soccer), Jessica Landström (soccer, Sweden), Matthew Mitcham (diving, Australia), Mayssa Pessoa (handball, Brazil), Lisa Raymond (tennis, United States), Megan Rapinoe (soccer, United States) and Rikke Skov (handball, Denmark).

Homosexuality and sport

How difficult it is for many athletes to their sexual orientation, showed up recently at the Swedish Alpine skier Anja Pärson. During her active career there have been repeated rumors about the sexual orientation of one of the best alpine skiers of all time. Only after her in the spring of 2012 at the World Cup finals in Schladming-announced resignation, Pärson said in a radio interview, that she is a lesbian and is in a long-term relationship with a woman. On the radioexplained they:

"I am sorry to play a role and to give me as anyone else." Now, I would like to tell the truth for me, and especially for Filippa. Now the rumors have an end."

In addition was recently perfectly their family fortune as her partner gave birth to a healthy baby ()thinkoutsideyourbox.NET reported).

A coincidence? Gay dating app Grindr crashes after team arrive

That significantly more female athletes participating in the summer Olympics in London, have a homosexual orientation, should show a "coincidence". As the first larger number of athletes moved into the village of Olympia in London, was the gay dating "Grindr" app due to overloading. Using this app, app users can find men in their environment and make a date, or make acquaintances.

As experts proclaimed, crashed the dating app within minutes "aufgrand the enormous demand for", after the first athletes in London arrived and involved their neighbourhoods." Engineers believe that the arrival of the teams on Monday and the reference of the Olympic village brought a number of new users and therefore the service in East London has failed.

A Londoner said face"People“:

"It was done almost as soon as the team arrived. Either many athletes logged a themselves, to connect with other like-minded Olympians in contact or get to know London.The Grindr system could not withstand obviously the. It took 24 hours to bring the app back up and running - to the relief of all."

The app was founded in 2009 and also the founder of Joel Simkhai apologised to users for the failures in London.

Pride House in London

But there is also an additional place where can talk out regardless of sexual orientation athletes and meet. At the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver and Whistler there was a "House of pride" which was a great success for the first time. It was one of the houses in the Olympiadorf most reported on this and it was a place of acceptance, tolerance, networking and understanding.

Due to the large success in Vancouver, there will be a pride House in London ()thinkoutsideyourbox.NET reported). The organisers of the pride House London stress that London's Olympic bid under the premise of diversity took place and with the LGBT community, which the London accounts for just over 10% population, is again reflected in the concept of pride House.

The pride House will be a cultural Pavilion, where the community and visitors come together to celebrate, live music and entertainment, arts, education and sports competitions to enjoy. Of course, it will not be also on board for the physical well-being. The organizers expect more than 250,000 visitors to celebrate the diversity and to support the LGBT community.