Apr 132012
A Christian group is suing London's mayor after he banned their bus ads urging gays to seek treatment to 'cure' them of homosexuality

A Christiangroup is suing London’s mayor after he banned bus ads suggesting gay people could be cured.

The posters, by the Core Issues Trust, stated, “Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!”

The ads were backed by Anglican Mainstream, a global group that says it is committed to the traditional biblical teaching on marriage, the family and human sexuality.

It is understood that organisation instructed lawyers to take legal action against mayor Boris Johnson after the banning of the campaign.

The poster was believed to mock pro-gay group Stonewall’s adverts that said, “Some people are gay. Get over it.”

It was due to run for two weeks on London’s iconic red buses, starting from Monday.

But, after the campaign was labeled as homophobic, the conservative Mr Johnson ordered it to be pulled.

Mr Johnson, who is standing for re-election next month, said, “London is one of the most tolerant cities in the world and intolerant of intolerance.”

“It is clearly offensive to suggest being gay is an illness someone recovers from and I am not prepared to have that suggestion driven around London on our buses,” he added.

The doomed campaign, which was cleared by industry regulator the Advertising Standards Authority, claimed therapy could change sexual orientation.

Core Issues’ co-director Mike Davidson criticized the decision to ax the adverts, saying, “I didn’t realise censorship was in place. We went through the correct channels and we were encouraged by the bus company to go through their procedures. They okayed it and now it has been pulled.”

He added, “It is of deep concern that there can only be one point of view and that is the point of view of individuals who are determined to push through gay marriage and apparently believe that homosexuality cannot be altered in any possible way. That is not a universally held view.”

But Stonewall spokesman Andy Wasley said, “We are delighted by Transport for London’s clear commitment to diversity. It is fantastic that no adverts will be promoting voodoo, gay-cure therapy in London.”


  • Alexys Nelson

    It isn’t quite the same as censorship. The ads are wrong, no matter what your opinion of them. It’s great that London doesn’t allow such things on the very public – public London buses. Maybe a billboard, but not the bus. Hand out flyers with your intolerant rants.