Jan 052012

When Mirelle Guiliano released bestseller French Women Don’t Get Fat in 2005, millions were captivated by her idea.

Now Barney’s creative ambassador-at-large, Simon Doonan has harnessed the same idea with his new book, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat.

In a playful nod to Guiliano’s guide, Mr Doonan explains what constitutes ‘gay food’ and why, generally speaking, heterosexual men tend to pile on the pounds more easily than their gay counterparts.

According to the Slate.com humorist, ‘gay food’ is lighter, less carb-loaded, and less fatty. The ingredients are diet-conscious and arranged with attention to detail rather than thrown from the deep-fryer on to the plate.

In an interview with the New York Times, the drole author offered a simple illustration of his point: ‘Gay chips are baked,’ he said. ‘Straight chips are deep-fried.’

Delving into some self-confessed gender-stereotyping, he said: ‘I have a lot of straight friends. And a lot of them are a very different shape.

‘The word “burly” springs to mind. And that’s a function of eating too many meatloafs, too many steaks, too many jumbo burritos.’

Mr Doonan believes that all food can be divided into two categories: gay or straight, and that the trick to keeping trim is to indulge in a bit of both.

His advice was to ‘mix it up. Gay men don’t stay trim because they only eat gay food. I don’t live on macarons and lettuce.’

Macarons, in his view are the ultimate in gay gastronomical delights.

Describing the whimsical design of gay foods he said: ‘The macaron craze is the ne plus ultra of gay fooderie. I can’t believe any red-blooded straight guy can even walk into a macaron shop. If you wanted to ruin a politician’s career, just publish a picture of him shopping for macarons’.

The outspoken Brit, whose books are usually written for and adored by a female fan-base, admits to enjoying the sweeping generalisations about heterosexual men he makes in his new book.
He claims that ‘sweeping generalizations are the key to everything, and they invariably contain nuggets of truth’,

So for those looking to lose weight the gay way, it’s salad with light dressing, lean meats or sushi and glazed fruits in their jus for desert. In the meantime, Mr Doonan advises snacking on dried fruits.

But take heed, he warned: ‘You have to be careful with the dried apricots because they really do make you gassy.’

Gay Men Don’t Get Fat: Simon Doonan issues tongue-in-cheek diet advice in new book | Mail Online

  • http://www.twitter/queerwire jeff

    Tounge in cheek. Rather it be tounge in groove. Gay men in my area are fat, phat, and sometimes, obese. Of course, I live in the USA, where pueblo men eat buffalo, pork, and USDA foods, and where traditional delicacies among the Spanish include, chile verde meant to spice up any meat, beef, pork, chicken, and buffalo. On the anglo side, there may be a tendency to devour pasta, potatoes, eggs, milk, and fried things, but all in all, I see a lot of celulose and chub. Thats cool though, since the gay culture of the southwest seems not to notice as much. On the other hand, I wonder if books like this don’t perpetuate the notion that Karen Carpenter is a Santo, and gay men should strive, at all cost to hump weight machines, eat green things, and hug trees. I am a skinny guy, always was, something to do with metabolism, income distribution, and the fact that I am single, being that I have no chubby mate who insists on eting at 24 hour convenience stores. Truthfully, I have developed a want for heavy men, who have muscle, a bit of fat, and more. I do like studs, but, we should relize, being. a muscle stud oast only so long, takes a great eal of effort, and does not guarantee a better quality of life, or a longer life. Here is to your health, and mine. Cheers and please, do eat, and dont diet, just eat right, and enjoy a fair portion. Skip the tofu if you must, but lay off the Doritos, canned cheese, and pounds of processed sugars. Be the body you were meant to be, not the one someone else wishes you could be. Viagra, I might note, changes everything. So, studs, before you say, again, you would never do a big man, take a viagra, and think again. Let your little head decide. You might like it.