Jan 222013

A video has appeared online showing men shouting homophobic abuse at another man in east London, telling him to “get out of here” as “it is a Muslim area”.

Last week, the East London Mosque condemned men shown in footage posted on the internet claiming to be “patrolling” Whitechapel.

Scotland Yard started an investigation after the original footage was posted.

Now, in a new video a man is told: “Get out of here you fag… Don’t stay around here any more.”

Gay rights group Stonewall said: “This incident is yet another reminder of the homophobic abuse that gay people face all too often.”

‘Stoke tensions’

In the previous footage posted last week, a group of men announced themselves to passers-by as “vigilantes implementing Islam upon your own necks”.

The video shows the men pouring alcoholic drinks down drains.

The East London Mosque responded to the video saying: “Individuals claiming to be self-styled ‘Muslim patrols’ have been harassing members of the public on the streets of east London late at night, including outside our mosque after it has closed.

“These actions are utterly unacceptable and clearly designed to stoke tensions and sow discord. We wholly condemn them.

“The actions of this tiny minority have no place in our faith nor on our streets.”

‘You’re dirty mate’

In the latest video, a man is approached in Whitechapel and asked: “Don’t you know this is a Muslim area? What’s wrong with your face?

“Why are you dressed like that for? You’re walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag, mate.

“You need to get out of here quicker. You’re dirty mate. Look at your shoes.

“Get out of here you fag… Don’t stay around here any more.”

Stonewall said: “YouGov polling for Stonewall shows that every year one in eight lesbian and gay people are the victim of crimes or harassment simply because they are gay.

“We urge victims of all homophobic crimes and incidents to report them to the police and for the police to take action to protect gay people from these disturbing crimes.”

Scotland Yard responded to the original footage posted saying: “We are aware of incidents over the weekend of 12/13 January where a small group of people had harassed members of the public, and of YouTube videos showing this.

“In response to this incident officers on duty are being briefed as to what has occurred and what to be on the look out for.”

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