Oct 312012
Peter Tatchell gets arrested

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell was arrested today after he tried to reach the car of Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during a Westminster Abbey visit.

Tatchell, dressed in black clothing and a black beret with a red star on it, resisted police and was at one point seen struggling on the ground while officers attempted to arrest him.

Police confirmed that they arrested a man just before 4pm in central London in connection with breach of the peace and he is being questioned by officers.

Protesters from various human rights groups demonstrated against Mr Yudhoyono, who arrived in the UK on a three-day state visit today.

It is not the first time Australian-born Tatchell, who is a well-known gay rights activist, has been in the headlines for getting close to world leaders.

In 2001, Robert Mugabe’s security men attacked Tatchell after he attempted a citizen’s arrest of the Zimbabwean president in Brussels.