May 132013

KEENAN, a cinema, a movie determined that gay sexual intercourse 24 people were arrested. Last week, on the sidelines of the cinema in Sisli, Beyoglu and 2 printed, cinema operator in which 72 people were detained. One of the people with the HIV virus had been found in detention.

Directorate of public security branch Bureau of morality, sexual in a cinema film crews and shown in the direction of the denunciation of homosexuals from the intercourse. Yesterday evening, the police entered the Hall by taking the ticket. Similarly, determination of sex of persons inside the teams waiting outside message sent. The teams entered the Hall and has ordered the opening of the lights. Self-assessment of research, inside cinema also located between the 24 people were arrested. Those detained, a query operator "prostitution, to mediate and to" contain said.

Last week, they live in the cinema in Sisli, Beyoglu and gay relationship between Mexican and German tourists, including 70 people were detained. Cinemas 2, prostitution is being queried, and is available free to mediate, 70 people had left, the police followed the statements. 2 foreign nationals, had been deported in person.

In the second screen sex

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