Jul 102012
Gaziantep, Turkey

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In Turkey a 14 should have cut the throat his 26 year old brother because he was gay. That reports the newspaper "Sabah".

The tragic incident to have occurred last Wednesday in Gaziantep in southern of Turkey: the younger brother of Burhan Tatlı was apparently teased by his friends because his big brother was gay.

According to police, he then succeeded his brother from his work and introduced him to the speech. In affect, he should have then cut his throat and stabbed him with a knife four times.

The police, the 14-year-old said his friends had him talked, his brother was a bad deal for him. "I do not regret," he told the officials.

For the Turkish Schwulenaktivisten Kemal Ordek, the tragic incident shows "how this system and the morals of a child make a killer". The gay and Stonewall ILGA-Europe has chosen in May the Turkey as one of the worst places in Europe where gays and lesbians can live.

Violent crimes against lesbians, gays and transgender people are not in some parts of Turkey close to the agenda, protection of pages which gives the Government.

In the headlines, the murder of the young gay Ahmed Yildiz, who being shot in Istanbul on the street probably as "Honor killing" by his own father came in 2008.