Jan 102013
Gay Bars Raided in Pattaya

On Wednesday at 1.30am., under the flyover bridge to Bali Hai Pier, a total of 100 Policemen lined up to get ready to raid a group of entertainment venues around Soi Sunee plaza, Pattaya, as this area is a well-known denizen of drug users. The mission was directed by Police Major General Kat-cha Tat-sart, the commander of the Chonburi Police, and Police Lieutenant Colonel Kiat-ti-sak Sra-thong-oil, the Deputy Superintendent (Suppression) of Pattaya Police Station.

Most of the spots were A go go clubs, and beer bars, featuring gay boys at their venues, some 30 night clubs in all. The officers took suspicious looking staff from each bar for urine tests and found a total of 30 workers that tested positive for drug use. All were taking to Police Station for further legal proceedings.

Police Major General Kat-cha said that from now and for a period of 30 days, the Police will strictly monitor and set up checkpoints for 3 risky locations in Pattaya, such as an intersection behind Pratumnak hill which was the location of a robbing and raping crime, done at gun point. The officers are also urged to search the nearby beer bars and whisky shops where crimes might occur. This new mission is to bring more comfort to tourists concerned about crime prevention.

Gay Bars Raided in Pattaya – Pattaya People newspaper Thailand