Apr 292013
BLIR MAN Love Elfvelin, 22

After three years on testosterone has Love Elfvelin, 22, decided.

Before he fully gets it, he'll pick out their eggs and freeze them – for some time in the future to have biological children.

– Now that it is possible, I would like to take the chance, "he said.

P4-documentary "Frozen eggs and dad dreams" was broadcast yesterday. It's about Love Elfvelins path to becoming one. He will be one of the first transpersonerna in Sweden which freezes in their eggs and in order to become a biological parent.

If I wouldn't be transgender, it felt really weird to think of children already now, says Love Elfvelin.

"I feel nervous"

He has been taking testosterone for three years, but will now stop to get back her menstruation.

– It feels nervous playing with hormone levels. But I've been told that I am not going to change much, "said Love.

Last year highlighted the fight against forced sterilization of transgender people. The law said that if you legally changed his gender had to sterilize themselves. on 10 January, 2013, ruling that changed the law.

Love became a public face of the campaign. The amendment changed his life and vision.

Illegal in Sweden

Now he plans to pick out their eggs and freeze them, before he completely becomes it. Then, it is thought that his partners at some point in the future to operate in his egg and carry the child. But it is still not legal in Sweden.

– Text of the law says that the egg must be fertilized by the man in the relationship. But the man is me. The logical thing would be to change the wording to make it possible, "said Love.
He is fully determined to seize the chance to have children.

I have fought so hard to get rid of coercive sterilization requirement and it would be silly to not even try.

New social security number

Legally becomes Love man in late april — when his social security numbers will have changed. The process of becoming a parent has already begun. He has sent the referral to the fertility unit in Huddinge.

– I do it also for all other transgender opportunity to have children in the future.

Louse Frilund

Love, 22, will freeze their eggs to become dad | News | Aftonbladet

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