Dec 212011

Men stand in the high jump, Sweden's Kajsa Bergqvist, has dropped the man and had a female girlfriend

Through a long and glorious betog Kajsa Bergqvist, Sweden when she overstrålede the competitors in the high jump.

It was both of EM, World Cup and Olympic medals in a career that also welcomed on the ever-existing indoor-world record 2,08 m.

And now Bergqvist as back in the headlines, even though she has not jumped on the level of competition since 2008.

She has dropped the man Måns Herngren after three years of ægteskap and is instead jumped out as a lesbian. Now is she girlfriend with Kristina and enjoying his new life.

-I am very pleased that Kristina and I have taken each other. We are completely in love with each other and the game has a fantastic relationship. But I have never spoken about the kind of before, "said Kajsa Bergqvist to QX.

While she is gone silent with his new life in the last year, so the forsmåede husband has already revealed earlier this month that relations with the former sports star was over.

On Swedish television, he confirmed that he had been ' fired ' and that relations with eks'en does not qualify as a friendship. .

Even explains Kajsa Bergqvist, that she did not feel a lesbian before she met her new boyfriend.

-When I met and fell in love with the wild was Måns him, I felt not bisexual, I felt straight and was very in love. It is not that I am thinking, ' Oh your wretch, you have been living on a lie, and now you have finally found the right shelf. For just as a lesbian, I feel now, as straight, I felt, when I was with måns, tells a happy Kajsa Bergqvist.

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