May 082013

If two weeks debating a bill that, among other things, makes it possible for a woman who changes legal gender to be able to bear children. The transsexual patient Association Benjamin is against the proposal, but have not had their say directly to the Committee.

In the spring, the Committee prepared the Government Bill, the repeal of the requirement on sterilization for modified sex. All indications are that Parliament will vote for a change in the law after debate 22 May. that means scrapping the requirement for sterilization and the prohibition of retaining fertility by change of sex.

National Association for sexual equality and justification (RFSL) and two compounds for the transgendered (KIM and FPES) are among those who have welcomed the change. But Benjamin's disease Association, which represents the only transsexual, has gone against the grain. För­eningen believe that a lost reproductive capacity is a natural part of sex reassignment treatment for a transsexual, defined as a person in her fetus stage developed a neurologically gender opposite to the genitals. In addition, the Association believes that the consequences of a change in the law is not sufficiently investigated.

This Association has said in a letter to members of the Committee, which last week requested read up in person on the Committee.
But it got slammed. The decision was made by Committee Chairman Anders W Jonsson (C), which mean that it is "extremely rare" like non-profit institutions drafted private access to the Committee.
"We keep getting quite a large amount of people who want to meet us in the Committee, and therefore recommend that you take direct contact with the various parties," he told the world today.
– Last week, for example, we thanked Nope to representatives from Care Association who wanted to talk about care for stowaways, so it is rather routine.

That Benjamin represents an important group of patients and has a different opinion on a matter of great importance for the transsexual, motivated not an exception, according to Anders W Jonsson.
There are 50 different patient organisations, and everyone has a different opinion, "he said.
According to the Association no Member Benjamin has heard of for them to comment on the contents of the letter, which among other things pointed out that the Bill does not emanate from the Board's definition of transsexualism.
-The public has been deceived into thinking that transsexualism is something completely different than what it really is. Ignorance is also found among MPs, the Association's President Nina to the world today.

– If you read the groundwork to gender affinity law clearly shows that the law is appropriate for the people suffering from transsexualism, and people with any kind of sex development disorder (DSD). No other.
– There have been aspirations to "broaden" the law 1 § to include people who have no intention to undergo gender reassignment, so devoid of such proposals in any case support in the preparatory work.

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