Apr 222013
Ursula Diaz Diaz, fritidsledare på Lidingö är en av initiativtagarna till Iris, mötesplatsen för HBTQ-ungdomar

First municipal recreation center, which is aimed at young people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, or in queerrörelsen is inaugurated at Indore.

Iris at Indore is supposed to be a meeting place for these young people and is open every Sunday until the summer for young people between 13 and 25 years.

Ursula Diaz Diaz's recreational leader in Lidingö municipality, and one of the initiators of the Iris, she has noticed how LGBTQ-youth dimensions badly because they have not had a natural meeting place.

– Many who have attempted to commit suicide, some have succeeded, unfortunately and often, it's that they haven't had anyone to talk with and felt very much outside. One can well imagine that the goal is that we should not have to be in the future, but right now we need and when they need to get a safe haven, "said Ursula Diaz Diaz, one of the initiators and recreational leader in Lidingö municipality.

What kind of activities can it get?

– At first, so we will have a non-critical thinking, when we look at the film, we'll see it on the basis of HBTQfrågs video and many conversations with young people, "said Ursula Diaz Diaz.

Do you think there will be many in the beginning?

– It's really hard to say, perhaps dare not initially, but we hope that it will some anyways, "said Ursula Diaz Diaz, one of the initiators of the Iris and recreational leader in Lidingö municipality.

Björn Lindberg

New meeting place for LGBTQ youth in Indore – News P4 Radio Stockholm