May 062013

Sexual and gender minorities, for the first time, a comprehensive study of young people's life will be made. According to the survey, the Secretary General of the Seta and Aija Salon can participate other than young people. In Finland, a comprehensive query is needed in any case.

-International Studies have come out that, for example, transgender people are experiencing in school bullying and depression more than others, which can affect their future prospects.

Seta youth research society in the process of the poll will be asked from everyday life and family relationships, as well as the experiences of discrimination and violence.

-The replies reflected a very broad range of stories, depending on, for example, your age, education and jobs. It certainly seems, anywhere in the Country the person lives, Salo says.

While the sexual and gender minorities still face discrimination, the atmosphere in the Salon is, according to the changed for the better and more transparent. As an example of the law of equality of the marriage are doing the will of the citizens ' initiative and the 2013 campaign, Tipping the campaign against homophobia in football.

-It's great that the diversity of gender and sexual orientation is shown in Finland more than ever. I think that many people do not feel themselves so an outsider as the ancients, Salo.

Network query is open by the end of June. A preliminary summary of the responses obtained in November. The Secretary General of the Aija Salo Seta and hopes that the results of the survey will be to learn.

-It is important that, for example, schools and early childhood education curriculum, as well as youth work takes account of gender and sexual orientation. Adults should have the knowledge and expertise about it.

The feelings of sexual and gender minorities settled in for the first time | Yle News |

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