Apr 242013
Hanna Peltomaa ei uskaltautunut Rovaniemen Setan ovista sisään 16 vuotta sitten. Nyt hän on yhdistyksen puheenjohtaja.

Start is not promising. the 22-year-old Hanna P walks the blocks around and wonders, of Rovaniemi, do you dare to strut the Seta (sexual equality Association) the doors from the inside.

Just got to Rovaniemi to study changed the woman is shy and has never spoken to a gay man.

"Does this come on anything!" he finally huffs and leaves his home.

Sixteen years later the memory of the bright smiles of a row House apartment in P in the living room. Today he is the Chairman of Seta and Rovaniemi.

Pirkko Saisio, nojailevat on the Bookshelf between Fantasyland and Naomi Klein. The Golden retrorobotin next to it is a picture of the Arable land, and his female friend.

Although adolescence in a small locality has not been the easiest to get to, now, owing to the sensitivity of some of the dreams of his own return to the change of P-mind maisemaansa in southern Ostrobothnia.

My own experiences with sexual minorities on the current research of interest to the topic, provoked the village communities in everyday life.

The investigation has involved twenty-years are about 20 to 70 people. They are either returnees from Lapland, Lapland or moved out of the membership, or always in Lapland.

Arable land is of the opinion that Finland cannot be stereotypically bad or good to share seksuaalivähemmistöille. He is trying to get information about the village communities of practices, not only in the good life.

Of course, Lappish hospitality became familiar with the interviews, when the researcher was offered as the Sun was starting to set, and the cold and dug the blueberries.

The investigation is still in progress, but already now P has learned much in the villages of life.

"Village communities and social relationships can be complex systems involving living requires sensitivity and social eye. The village always lived to the rules, junantuomalla, on the other hand, can go on for some time, been wondering about. "

On the other hand, the history of the genus muuttaneella from elsewhere is not the shoulders. If there is a significant community of "dynasty," a man in the position of its reputation for good or ill.

"It seems that, if sympathetic, the rest of the village makes it so. If, on the other hand, it is reflected in the other categories of family. "

The village community, the social ties and a variety of rules, gets rid of the tourist resorts. They are arable land, the study proved to be an important meeting places.

Levin, for example, 24 000 beds and 60 restaurants multiply Kittilä crew.

"Ski resorts for more than one interviewee told us that they have encountered other LGBT delegates, and a few had found the life of kumppaninkin", P.

As part of its investigation, the village communities openly planning to identify fake name card lappilaisiin P as a homosexual person.

"It could open up an even better community life. I would also like to hear from the villages of moving stories. "

Homosexual or bisexual activity shrouded in silence, and the issues discussed, often directly. Instead of fighting words, and approval may appear to come up – whether the forest roads, in the village of tervehditäänkö.

Are familiar with the Field hosts.

"I remember, for example, how a mother bought me and exälleni a trip abroad takes similar caps. Often in such small gestures of approval. "

Lapland homoutta shrouded in silence – the sexual minority – the people – Helsingin Sanomat

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