Mar 212012
Alexander Stubb

Gender-neutral marriage doing Bill handed out Wednesday night for ratifying the. The first signatory of the initiative for European Affairs and foreign trade Alexander Stubb (ECR) rejected the idea that the opening up of marriage for gay and lesbian couples would undermine the institution of marriage.

-In this way, you might think, if gay and lesbian couples would require something completely new. In this situation, however, is to the contrary. Marriage is an important institution that you want to cherish. It just opened also to non-controlling interests, which it has previously been denied, Stubb said.

James Hart Island (ps.) asked why the registered partnership is not enough.

Gay marriage is an insult to the feelings of the citizens, or at least deeply a very large part of the population of the Holy institution of the häväistessään between man and woman, Moose Island said.

76. the signer's Bill goes to Committee.

The marriage initiative handed out diet – Domestic – Meen Messages