Feb 232012
Las Corts Valencianes

The Corts Valencianes - with the votes against the PP and in favor of the three groups of the opposition has rejected a proposición no de ley de Compromis which proposed that the Parliament of the region urge the central Government to maintain the defense of gay marriage law, approved by the Executive of José Luis Rodríguez Zapateroagainst the appeal of unconstitutionality raised by the Popular party.

"The Deputy of Compromís Fran Ferri, who has emphasized that this initiative"touches him very closely", stressed the importance of"send a message to the central Government in defence of freedom, equality and the families,"values which, in his view, are"threatened"by the appeal filed by the PP before the Constitutional Court".

According to Ferri, "families that want to be, with their everyday such as unemployment, education and health concerns, the last thing they need is we provoke them more problems." "Not is if I find here to the listener in a modern society like ours or PP which makes case to Mr Rouco Varela", has pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Deputy of the PP Maria Jose Garcia Herrero announced vote against his group to consider this proposición no de ley "is badly posed", because "it is the Chamber of deputies who must urge the Government" to defend this law.

In addition, García Herrero has reminded that the appeal of unconstitutionality PP, presented it so wondered how could Compromis "claim that the popular parliamentary group goes against the very acts of the people's Party". "It is honourable a little clueless," said.

Ferri, in his second speech, has ensured that some popular leaders such as Alberto Ruíz Gallardón, Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Celia Villalobos are in favor of this law, it considered that the "clueless" are those of the Valencian PP.

Deputy 'popular' answered him that the PP "there is plurality of opinion, there is no single way of thinking as in matches that you are active". In addition, it stressed that "there is a constitutional right to marriage between men and women, but there is a constitutional right to marriage between persons of the same sex".

The Deputy of the PSPV Veronica Lopez, for his part, has urged the 'popular' to not "they hide behind euphemisms" and to "stop govern and make policy from the confessionals of the churches". "The posture of the street is to let us live in peace", he highlighted.

By EUPV, the Deputy Esther López Barceló has urged the PP to be "responsible" and pointed out that this political formation has "the opportunity to leave the Party of homophobia". "They are Democrats and ask that all are equal before the law", has demanded.

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