Feb 012013
In whom can i still trust

The Cape Town Holocaust Centre is bringing to South Africa the exhibition, ‘In Whom Can I Still Trust’, which explores the Nazi persecution of homosexuals.

The exhibition, redesigned and developed for South Africa, makes use of archive photographs, personal testimonies and video clips and relates the historical narrative to the prejudices still facing homosexuals today. Developed by Dr Klaus Mueller, Berlin, on behalf of IHLIA (Homosexual and Lesbian Archive, Amsterdam), the exhibition highlights the largely untold history of the persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany.

Through additional panels, the exhibition aims to highlight the progress made in ensuring the protection of sexual minorities in South Africa.

The relevance to South Africa
Despite South Africa’s Constitution and Bill of Rights, which safeguards the rights of all to be protected against any form of discrimination, homophobia and prejudice towards members of the lesbian and gay community is still widespread in South African society. Attacks on lesbian women and gay men are frequent and school learners, whose sexual orientation is other than heterosexual, encounter terrible prejudice.

Videos from the ‘IT GETS BETTER SOUTH AFRICA’ project will form an important part of the ‘In Whom Can I Still Trust’ exhibition.

A diverse group of high profile individuals have teamed up with students from the University of Cape Town and University of Pretoria to create a collection of videos that discourages homophobic bullying. The interviewees range from struggle hero Ahmed Kathrada to track superstar Oscar Pistorius.

The exhibition opens in Cape Town on 13 February until 22 March 2013 and will feature an ancillary programme of teacher workshops, schools’ programmes, panel discussions, public talks, films and a youth symposium.


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