Feb 232012
Der Bundesrat will die dem Partner die Adoption ermöglichen

Homosexuals may adopt the child of their partner. The Federal Council deems to be appropriate in the interest of the well-being of the child. But, he rejects an unrestricted opening of adoption for gay and lesbian couples.

According to the will of the Bundesrat homosexuals in registered partnerships only stepchildren may adopt so children from a previous relationship or a preceding adoption of the registered partner or the partner.

The Federal Council writes the stepchild adoption by same-sex couples would equate legally children in registered partnerships those in marriages, in his reply to a motion of the ständerätlichen Law Commission published on Wednesday.

Although today many children in such a relationship would grow up, they could not covered currently legally at the same rate as children of married couples.

That same-sex couples can adopt children in General, the Federal Council does not want on the other hand. He justified this with the lack of social acceptance and is reminiscent of the vote on the law. The voters had approved the law, which allows registered partnerships.

Acceptance has to do with the new law, the discrimination against of homosexual people could be eliminated without allowing the adoption and medically assisted reproduction was registered at the same time pairs after conviction of the Federal Council thus far.

Against this background, he considers the unrestricted opening of adoption for same-sex couples at present "not for opportune", writes the Federal Council. Therefore, he recommends the ständerätlichen Law Commission to reject the motion.

It comes after the Commission of the Council of States, all adults can adopt a child regardless of their civil and their way of life. Condition is that the adoption of the child is the best solution. "Rainbow families" are a social reality, the Commission argued.

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