Apr 092012
Russia AIDS and drug abuse

More than 18,000 carriers of the Virus of human immunodeficiency (HIV), which causes AIDS, died in Russia in 2011, today reported the head of the epidemiological service of Russia, Guennadi Oníschenko.

"In 2011 we had 18.414 deaths (of persons infected with HIV) which constitutes an increase of 17.5% compared to the year 2010, said Onischenko, quoted by the Agency Interfax."

He said that including 5.568 people died of AIDS, while the others by overdose of drugs, suicide and homicide.

Since 1987 when the first cases of HIV were officially registered in Russia about 109,000 carriers of infection died for various reasons, said Russian health Chief.

Meanwhile, 62,000 new cases of infection were detected in 2011, 5% more than in the previous year.

The main cause of the spread of the infection, according to Onischenko, remains the use of syringes unsterile.

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