Dec 262012
Brokeback Boathouse - University of Warwick

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The members of the men of rowing of the University of Warwick team continue its tradition take a nude charity calendar to combat child homophobia. New this year, the women's team also has embraced this initiative.

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The University of Warwick, located in the English City of Coventry, returns to be famous for another year by the nude calendar featuring its men of rowing team. The novelty is that This time also the female section has joined this initiativeIn addition to the beneficial action of boys. Both teams made this for a good cause to raise funds for various organizations and also, why deny it, renew their uniforms.

The recipients of the money raised will be, in the case of the male sector, the Foundation Ben Cohen completo StandUp Foundationaimed at ending the bullying homophobic in children in the United Kingdom as United States; and in the case of the women's team, to Macmillan Cancer Research. They will use the rest of the money to finance new uniforms, in fact the last three years have managed to do so with the money raised from their calendars.

Despite the aid they are receiving and the money you have already raised, there is still who criticizes the charitable efforts of the team citing, in the case of boys, that they are "semi-pornograficas" photographs. However, one of the girls involved in the female calendar has expressed their displeasure in the Huffington Post saying that the benefits earmarked for charities, have been achieved through naked completely harmless.

At the moment, equipment has already exceeded its goal of $3,200, already going by the 6,000 approximately. The male calendar has been so successful that they have depleted stocks although there are pictures on their website, unlike the girls, which is still available. Probably because of this, boys, anticipating this response from the public, have made a short film with the name of Brokeback Boathouse.