Apr 142013

A large set of congregations and Catholic associations, will hold a March from the Capitol to the fortress, in order to present a letter to the Governor of Puerto Rico in which call for the "protection of the institution of marriage".

It is expected that hundreds of people mobilize from the South of theCapitol towards the Fortress(official residence of the Governor of Puerto Rico), where religious leaders expect to deliver a letter to hand to the newly elected Alejandro García Padillato demand that it raise a constitutional marriage between man and woman.

One of the promoters of the March, Ricky pink, host of the Court Christian transmitting channel of the fountain of living water Church, said that "we will be receiving the Governor, who" We will be petitioning the protection of marriage between men and women at the level of the Constitutionwhich already have 33 States of the United States of America.

The religious will also request will not be approved or that a draft law should be amended that is currently considered to extend the protections of the Law 54 to same-sex couples. Pink argued that he must not see it as an attack to homosexual persons "We're saying that it should include language that all forms of violence must be condemnable and treated equally without tagging anyone. If it is in the home, any person who is assaulted, a grandson to a grandmother, a couple of boyfriends, brothers, roomatesare also protected.

Already last February, a group of churches held a demonstration in defense of the "traditional" family and rejection of the marriages between same-sex couples. The event, organized by the Puerto Rico movement is rising in defense of the family, drew some 200,000 people According to its own estimates. Rosado said that "today we expect less inflow because since narrow streets of old San Juan tour, we try to be more conservative.We have made adjustments that come many people, but not the same amount as last time, but that is the will of the people”.

Attendees of the March will travel, once this complete, the Paseo de la Princesa, where according to Rosado, will enjoy "a Christian music showWhile they await news about the meeting of their leaders with the President of the country."

By Miguel Chouza