Feb 072013

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LGBTT community center of Puerto Rico, is located in stealth and caution, the appointment of the popular girl and today pastora Gladys Rosario Acevedo as Director of the controversial Office of faith based and community initiatives.

With stealth and caution, so see the LGBTT community center of Puerto Rico, the designation of the popular Sen. and now Gladys Rosario Acevedo pastora as head of the controversial Office of Community initiatives and of Fe Base (OICBF), ascribed to the fortress.

"In the past, and as evidenced by journalistic investigations of the center of investigative journalism in Puerto Rico, this Office served as a tool for the discrimination under the direction of pastor Aníbal Heredia." The OICBF was very diligent in promoting the welfare of religious groups in the country, but to note that other non-sectarian institutions were discriminated against,"explained in a written statement the founder and Director of the LGBTT community center of Puerto Rico, Cecilia La Luz.

During the Monday evening the Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla, held the designation in a statement which included a number of designated.

In the past from this Office has had operating fundamentalist where policies of discrimination against the community LGBTT is pushed.

In that sense the activist invited to the designated Director of the OICBF that it occurs around what will be its philosophy and public policy being at the head of it, as well as the criteria that will be used in the performance of their duties.

"We want to know the positions of the designated when proposed amendments to the law on prevention and intervention against domestic violence aiming to provide its guarantees to all couples, regardless of the marital status or sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as the project before the consideration of the Senate seeking to prohibit the discrimination on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment", which was a programmatic commitment of the Popular Democratic Party for LGBTT community", said.

Through research of the Centre for investigative journalism "organizations 'faith-based and community', including in a list provided by Heredia, past director of the Office received more than $40 million of legislative donations in times of crisis between 2008 and 2012. The asginaciones were without a specific criterion for the donation.

Source: Metro.