Apr 022013
Gdyby nie narodowcy, zyloby sie nam lepiej

The IRIS, which is the first in the Organization support for those homo-and transsexual, a few days will celebrate the first birthday.
Previously acted as an informal group of a nationwide campaign against Homophobia, then came the time to work on Silesia and zagłębie self-employed.

Local LGBT issues – this is the IRIS. -Acclimatization in was surprisingly easy, actually on all fronts met with the atmosphere of openness and support. But there have been a few glitches with the extreme right-wing, as the ONR and NOP. They so openly could not come to terms with the fact that we are-says Tomasz Kołodziejczyk, President of the Association. Recalls the situation when the national rebirth of Polish protested against a nonexistent already Milk Club in Katowice, known for its friendly against LGBT circles.

-These sluts what should standing there carrion amount from Katowice. We want to free Polish without pedals and respect for our traditions and honor, and where the pedals have the honor? -screaming protesters. Tęczowi not seized, because others accept them with open arms. -Well we cooperated Office in Katowice, we have always been treated equally as other non-governmental organisations, says Thomas.

For the first time in Katowice, the IRIS has organized Coming Out Day, which is the disclosure of a gay people on the streets of the city. -We wanted to accustom people to our presence. Although there were some negative comments, not met with aggression. A lot of people come up to us, said that he admires the courage and ensure it is worth the work, "says Thomas.

Thanks to the IRIS work support group for LGBT people and transgender, the telephone call, which serve as the blue line. -Most people who turn to us for help, have problems with acceptance. These are not just young people, some discover only retired, explains.

Last year in Katowice held a remembrance day is an international day of remembrance Trans. victims of attacks transfobicznych. -Then we remember especially about people murdered due to his transseksualność-says Tomasz. Besides, in summer 2012, you can encounter on the Rainbow attributes. All thanks to Seize shares Rainbow.-we came up with flags, umbrellas, brandished in various places in Silesia, to show that we are – sums it up.

In the IRIS work 44 people (including 20 volunteers), and the Association is hoping that this group will grow.

Michalina Bednarek

IRIS: 'Gdyby not, we ' better żyłoby obeyme