Apr 042013
The prosecution is investigating suspicion of extorting money by the founder of the association in 2002 Miroslaw Help Center. Request to the prosecutor's office received after the issue of the "Po prostu", which describes the activities of the association.
Reporters of the "Po prostu" revealed that the flat of 56-year-old Miroslaw Ch. was visited by a few hundred young men. To become a member of Aid 2002 and get the said "help", they had to first pay 200 zł buy. Here, there are grounds for suspicion of extortion.

"Po prostu" reporter in touch with Miroslaw Ch., Called by his patients, Paul, and offered to be homosexual. After two days of correspondence received a proposal for joint property. In one of the former patients admitted Miroslaw Ch. hugging his patients, slept with them, offering a look and check the size of their genitals.

Prosecutor investigating case

After issuing the "Po prostu" to the Prosecutor's Office in Radom received a request to investigate the association extort money Help 2002.

- Radom District Prosecutor's Office and the West examines the association documents - said Małgorzata Beetle, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Radom. - A separate issue is whether the "patients" were by Miroslaw Ch. molested. That the proceedings in this case can start, are needed witnesses and their testimony.

On the association's web site announces that it has raised "as an answer to the problems of young people." Next, you can read that the association is confirmed by the experience that "one of the most common sources of problems young man's family. The family that is not able to give a maturing person care, love, time and attention poświęcanym, personal dialogue. As a result of these shortcomings, the experience of loneliness and emptiness, many young guided his life choices to incorrect solutions, in fact, nothing they niedającym, such as drugs, alcohol, pornography or sex. " In addition to the declared purposes of the association desire to help children and young people from dysfunctional families is "to assist people with homosexual tendencies in shaping their lives according to the principles of Christian ethics, organizing counseling and for people who want to keep their sexual preference - teaching adjustment to life in purity of maintaining celibacy lay people. " One way to implement the statutory goals include learning to live in chastity or celibacy secular and organizing therapeutic camps, group and individual therapy.

Cuddling cure

In the "Po prostu" revealed that in mid-December last year, there was a meeting Kluczbork Miroslaw Ch. with patients. On hidden camera recordings of patients seen lying together in bed. One of them confessed that hugging is one of the ways to combat homosexuality and masturbation prevention. Miroslaw Sam Ch. reporter admitted that he is a former homosexual and after his "cure" he decided to help others.

How many women have benefited from the offer Miroslaw Ch.? According to the reporters, "Just", there were several hundred. Some of them decided to share his experience on the association. In the "certificates" you can read a list of 22 people who helped aid in 2002. In all repeated phrase "habit of masturbation", "sin of masturbation", "dirt", "septic tank" or "homosexual feelings."

Certificates are almost always contain a moving story of a family in which the father is not physically (gone, dead), do not show parental feelings towards the male child, drink or beats. In many relationships there is theme of sexual abuse by a brother or a family member. Suspiciously often too overprotective or very strict mother. There's always a gay chat and growing, quoting, septic tank and dirt. Finally - confessional, friendly priest, a link to Help 2002, and - miracle.

Develop-certificates are very schematic. Almost identical vocabulary and expressions, very similar course of events and TP.

Katarzyna M. Wisniewska