May 132013
lalka podobinska

Conference "Transgender transdyscyplinarnie" aims to encourage a deeper reflection on the phenomenon of transpłciowości through the prism of different Sciences: Humanities, social, medical, legal, and integrate approach to these disciplines. Speakers will look for cultural, affecting the image of the transpłciowości, its social reception and variants in different ethnic groups. Will be etiologią the phenomenon of transpłciowości, its possible impact on the functioning of the body. Important passwords are: transgender, transsexual, transvestism, cross-dressing, drag king, drag queen, genderqueer, intersex comes in a bigender and androgynizm (gender is a socio-cultural gender identity, image of himself as a woman or a man regardless of the biological sex).

The Conference will be the Lalka Podobińska (photo), co-founder and President of the Foundation of Trans-Fusion, acting on behalf of transgender people, founder of the Foundation for Business and Parliamentary Bureau Director Forum of LGBT Anna Grodzka. Doctor of pharmaceutical sciences is in social medicine, for many years was an academic teacher. She currently runs a support group for transgendered people, publishes articles about transpłciowości, presentations, seminars and workshops on this topic.

About transseksualizmie University. The first such Conference in Poland