May 082013

Anna Grodzka and Robert Biedroń sounding the alarm. They checked that in over 350-page basis of programmatic or not fall the words "gay" or. "lesbian". This, however, only the beginning.

The members follow the blow and to the minister of national education of Krystyna Szumilas flexicurity in the petition. Convince her that it is not known what about homo-and transseksualizmie to find out the students in the school or kindergarten children.

Grodzka and Reddington are finding that even once there are there words or phrases such as sexual orientation, homosexual, bisexual, homoseksualność, biseksualność, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transseksualność, or jednopłciowy.

In turn, the wording of the kind of sexual minorities, the transformation of moral, gender identity cause them anxiety. The wording used in the programmatic basis are almost exclusively questions, doubts and reservations; There is no light in them bringing cases-stress.

Polish educational system in this respect does not assume presentation of young Poles based on science. It's as if to give teachers freedom in teaching about race, so one can say that a person can be of different races, and others that, for example. Asian no longer is the man, says Krystian Legierski LGBT activist.

According to Anna Grodzka and Robert Biedronia there is no doubt that the lack of informed education nt. nieheteroseksualnych people and transgender people is one of the main causes of homophobia and transphobia prevailing in our society.

"Gay" and "lesbian" enter into schools? MEPs want changes to textbooks – Politics – all about Official policy-politicians, PO, PiS, SLD-official ...

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