Jun 022012
Po raz 11. ulicami Warszawy przeszla Parada Równosci - coroczna manifestacja lesbijek, gejów, biseksualistów i osób transseksualnych oraz sprzeciwiajacych sie homofobii i dyskryminacji

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For the 11th time. the streets of Warsaw passed the Equality Parade-annual manifestation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and opposition to homophobia and discrimination. The March took place under the slogan "just equality".

According to the organizers of the March was attended by ok. 4-5 thousand. persons. There has been no major incidents; on the route of the parade, however, were the three kontrmanifestacje. The parade set off from PL. Constitution and on Theater Square. began to play a Mazurka Dabrowski. Participated in both young people and families with children. There was also a group of bikers, members of the left-wing Democratic Left Alliance politicians, and Movement, as well as Palikot's foreigners. On four platforms, which rode in the parade, przystrojonych in rainbow hues, the beat of the music danced participants in demonstrations.

Some participants of the March carried banners and flags with slogans: "your MEPs and MEPs come out of the closet", "we demand partnerships for our children", "sexual Equality, economic equality," "Better be gay than the dictator", "Hate is not a family value." Britain's Ambassador Ric Todd said that taking part in the parade, to demonstrate their opposition to discrimination, as well as support for equality. In his opinion Poland is a tolerant country. Incidents related to lack of tolerance to happen around the world, he stressed.

Hundreds of police secured the manifestation. There has been no serious incident. On the route of the parade, however, were three kontrmanifestacje; close to the square of the Constitution has become a group of people with the flag of the "solidarity" and "banner As gays and lesbians want parading through the streets, then let him develop his own Warsaw". On Krakowskie Przedmieście, Royal Street, representatives of the Sovereignty Movement picketed the Polish nation. On the banners appeared: "every Pole cares about cultural natural growth", "for the promotion of eurosodomii and HIV special thanks to Mrs. Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz and other equally sincere Catholics." Fluttered too white-red flag.

Another kontrmanifestacja took place near the Presidential Palace. Its participants were holding a banner with the slogan: "As gays and people of their ilk want to prance, then let him develop new Warsaw. This built on the planet and have a right to it. Lech Walesa. " The March ended in the village of Equality on the theatre square, where participants will be able to play for the evening.

How are written by the organizers of the parade on their website, not only fighting for the rights of LGBT people, but for the rights of all excluded. Their demands are, among others. removing architectural barriers, limiting the accessibility of public places for those with disabilities or parents with prams; enacting a law governing trade unions that are not marriages; the introduction of an active policy of non-discrimination in respect of all minorities, including extension of the provisions relating to hate speech about issues concerning gender identity and sexual orientation.

The parade route has changed compared to the originally notified. Previously planned that she will depart before the Sejm. As informed the organizers to determine changes occurred at the meeting, which precedes every year the parade, and that organizes of Office security and crisis management. The organizers explained that the reported next to the parade of Equality would prevent public participants in the output before the Sejm; on the original route of the parades 13 registered kontrmanifestacji. Pride parades are held in Poland since 2001. organizing the event banned in 2004, then-President of Warsaw, Lech Kaczynski, then instead of it was so before the Town Hall, and in 2005-despite the President's ban passed the parade. Later, it was considered that the ban was inconsistent with law, as confirmed by, among other things. The Constitutional Court.