May 062013
Padre no aceptó su homosexualidad

Proceedings of the uprising were in charge of the police station in the sector, which reported the case to the Prosecutor on duty. By distance, the body failed to Iquitos, signed an act of surrender of the corpse to the relatives.

Surprised are the living of the village Cahuide, Nanay River, district of San Juan Bautista, due to the suicide of a young gay man who was found dead in an abandoned building, where he spent his days of solitude, because he was marginalized and taken home by his father, who did not accept to have a homosexual child.

The body of Jose Antonio Pacaya Savoy's 20-year-old, was found the night of Saturday, when a group of children playing hide and seek. One of them was to get in the House and in the dark it is hit with something, small played bulk and felt that it was somewhat strange that forced it to go out screaming to ask for help. His friends, also frightened, went home to tell their parents what happened.

When adults entered realized the corpse of Pacaya which was hanging from the neck with a rope tied in the ceiling joist. So far did not know who it was, all the hamlet became the voice and the suicidal family came to recognize the body.

The brother of the deceased, Perry Pacaya, told the municipal agent of Cahuide, that his brother had disappeared three days after having a discussion with his father, who kicked him from his home to find out that José Antonio was gay.

"My dad didn't know anything about my brother Joseph, learned their old ways, why cast it House, nobody in my family was unable to prevent my father to treat it that way, hurt us much what my brother was, but we had to accept the decision of my father." Since that day we saw Joseph, I thought that it was in Iquitos", was the brother of the suicide.

Gay hanged by marginalization | Pro & Contra

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