Apr 042013

Horacio Cartes, the Paraguayan Colorado Party presidential candidate, has equated the legality of egalitarian marriage "at the end of the world", leaving clear its stance in this regard.

The movement equal promatrimonio We live on the American continent centralizes much of the political debate in all countries of the region. In theUSAtwo cases have reached the Supreme Court, made unparalleled in the fight for civil liberties and rights of theLGTB collective in that nation. While in Mexico already there are three States that legally allow this kind of matrimonial link and Uruguay processing by the Parliament is the only obstacle remaining for this purpose.

Faced with this advance, the candidate for the Presidency of Paraguay in the elections that will be held the 21st of this month, the conservative Horacio Cartes fromColorado PartyHe was asked about this issue. In a radio interview with radio station The 970 AM the politician showed his rejection of equal marriage a somewhat grotesque form, "I have three children and I would not say that I am a part, that I obtained something. I still think in the normal, and if someone chooses, well, everyone does what he wants in his life, but take it to normal, it seems to me that there already I'll start to believe in the end of the world“. At least, he said that it abide by anything that is decided in this aspect.

But the political mindset of Cartes is not only of conservative nature with regard to the sexual freedom, but in other social aspects open to debate, also opts for non-recognition. So the case of the legalization of drugs known as "soft", since he saw "many of my friends suffer because of pain-causing. Very large pain". The candidate to the Presidency of Paraguay defended his ideological stance, basing it on his deep religious beliefs.

By Miguel Chouza