Apr 152013
Aborto y matrimonio homosexual, temas espinosos en la campaña de Paraguay

With 69 as the number of electoral list and its motto "change of position", the women's movement has introduced Pyrendá Kuna in the campaign for the elections on Sunday Paraguayans thorny issues for conservative society like abortion and gay marriage.

"The criminalization of abortion kills women and is the leading cause of maternal mortality" in Paraguay, Efe said the presidential candidate Pyrendá Kuna (Platform for Women, in Guarani), Lilian Soto.

Former Minister of the Government of Fernando Lugo, the leftist Paraguayan Soto said that "they have no economic means abort problem in Paraguay and abroad", so that advocates decriminalization.

He admitted, however, that this and other issues central to your program as domestic violence, trafficking in women or gay marriage are "satanic themes" for Paraguayan society.

"The ruling classes are able to impose its conservative norm" and become "taboo issues related to the production model," he lamented.

Pyrendá Kuna is one of the small leftist groups contesting the general elections on 21 in Paraguay, along Guasú Front led by former president Fernando Lugo and exobispo and training Avanza País, the expresentador television and presidential aspirant Mario Ferreiro.

Speaking to EFE, Lugo considered that the legalization of abortion "is not acceptable as they are raising some," according to their "Christian principles and ethics."

He added that within Guasú Front, an alliance by which concurs as a senatorial candidate, there is a consensus to address this issue "by thorniest it."

"We agree with Kuna Pyrendá raunchy in there that can make a difference. We agreed to form a broad discussion on the issue before the parliamentary parties or make a decision, "he said.

The Human Rights Committee of the UN asked to Paraguay last month to amend its legislation on abortion and decriminalize it includes exceptions in cases of rape or incest.

Neighboring countries such as Uruguay and Argentina allow abortion and also have legalized gay marriage.

Two weeks ago, a judge denied the request Paraguay registration in the registry office of a marriage contracted by a couple of Paraguayans in Argentina, in March 2012.

One spouse, Sergio Lopez, director of the organization "SOMOSGAY" lamented Paraguay Efe that missing human rights policies and positions censored "homophobic" leading candidate for this election, the liberal Efraín Alegre and colorado Horacio Cartes.

Cartes blister raised in recent days by a statement to a local radio station in which he said that "would shoot in the balls" if his son was gay.

Consulted by Efe during a recent lunch, Cheerful, declaring the center, said that gay marriage "is not a theme installed" in Paraguayan society and, therefore, in his party "have no position on it."

"At first I think we are all against abortion, then come the various special circumstances that force you to address the issue of therapeutic abortion in cases of rape are very particular and specific situations, you raise quite delicate discussions, quite difficult "he added.

For its part, the Socialist Ferreiro, third in voting intention polls, told Efe that the two issues still require further discussion because "there are priorities as extreme inequality and poverty, which are the more immediate demands have the people. "

Ferreiro rejected "out of hand" abortion, but said "they are going to find the time to be submitted to public debate and Parliament", as well as marriage "equal", for which "if appropriate legal framework to resolve problems that already exist. "

"I am convinced that both issues to warrant a referendum, if possible, because they are very sensitive issues and are in a very elementary discussion of Paraguayan society," he said.

Abortion and gay marriage, thorny issues in the campaign of Paraguay | Radio Ñanduti

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