Apr 222013
日本 - 世界各国で【同性婚】が合法化されている理由とは?

In 2013, legal same-sex marriage in many countries or cut the Weir, Bill is permitted.

"Marriage equality bill" was passed in South America Uruguay 4/10.

Rights with marriage and adoption by same-sex couples in France Senate 4/12 Bill passed.

4/17 Recognize same-sex marriage in New Zealand law amendment was passed. August is actually issued. The country same-sex marriage recognized for the first time in the Asia-Pacific region. 13 1St gay marriage legalization would be in the whole world.

Were same-sex marriage Bill passed in industrialized countries in the Pacific and South America, and Europe. It had said in 2013, the movement to authorize same-sex marriage in the world actively. Yuyintang is about real situation in each country and Japan.

Apr 222013
Bali - Grand Council of Customary Villages to launch campaign against HIV/AIDS discrimination

The highly influential and respected Grand Council of Customary Villages (MUDP) plans to launch continuous campaigns to eliminate discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS across Bali. The campaigns, slated to start in July, will first target 450 out of the total 1,500 customary villages on the island. MUDP is an umbrella organization for nearly 1,500 customary [...]

Apr 222013
India - Transgender people 'happy over recognition' of providing blessings to politicians

Seeking blessings from transgenders is a tradition prevalent in North India. The trend is gaining popularity down South too, especially this election season, where politicians are seen seeking blessings from the community members in the hope of bettering their electoral prospects. Recently, Congress candidate of Chamaraja constituency, Vasu, was seen being greeted by a group [...]

Apr 192013
New Zealand - Marriage bill leaves a few inequalities to sort out including adoption, visas

The legalisation of gay marriage in New Zealand does not eliminate every shred of legal inequalities for gay couples, with a grey area still remaining around adoption. Same-sex married couples could also run into problems when seeking visas in other countries, legal experts warned after the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill passed into law [...]

Apr 192013
USA - Pocatello, Idaho rejects gay rights ordinance with mayor casting deciding vote

An ordinance to ban discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people failed in the city council of Pocatello Thursday night. The close vote was a setback for gay rights advocates. Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad cast the deciding no vote, making it four against, three in favor. The ordinance would have made it a misdemeanor [...]

Apr 192013
Singapore - Crowdfunding campaign raises USD 54k in record time to combat Singapore’s anti-gay law

Gay sex is a crime in Singapore. Yes, in a supposedly cosmopolitan city that is attracting a talented global workforce, the so-called Section 377A, a holdover from Singapore’s colonial era, forbids one male from committing an “act of gross indecency” with another male. While not actively enforced, gay activists are now taking the fight to the courts with [...]

Apr 192013
Zambia - Anti-gay obsession is worsening its HIV epidemic (Rod McCullom)

One of Africa’s leading human rights activists was arrested on April 7 after appearing on live television — when police officers reportedly “stormed the station” and “tried to stop the interview,” reports The Guardian and BBC. Paul Kasonkomona’s crime: “Inciting the public to take part in indecent activities.” Kasonkomona called on the government to decriminalize [...]

Apr 192013
UK - Gay students: invisible on campus?

Homophobia is an issue that affects all UK universities, says NUS LGBT officer Finn McGoldrick. So why, she asks, aren’t institutions doing more to support their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students? It’s a question that will be debated on Friday during the annual NUS LGBT campaign conference. The three-day event in Manchester will see [...]

Apr 192013
Sverige - Premiär för "Frukta inte kondomen" -filmer

Welcome to the launch of the campaign "fear not the condom". Västerbotten County Council is proud to present the actors peach and bananas that are making their best efforts ever when those with credibility and great empathy takes passion and safer sex. The number of cases of chlamydia increased in Västerbotten. In 2012 was registered 1 005 cases of venereal disease in the County, which [...]