Dec 232011

The number of registered partnerships in Vorarlberg has halved compared to the previous year. Six gay couples have made this year at the District Administration to enter their relationship. in 2010, there were still 12.

Since 1 January 2010, homosexual couples in Austria have the opportunity to register their partnership. For couples, this brings some legal advantages: tax and pensions they are assimilated to heterosexual couples. Is also a common surname. But, interest in the registered partnership has waned significantly in the second year of its existence.

More women have entered a partnership
In the District of Bludenz, as well as in the district Dornbirn there was ever any registered partnerships this year. In Feldkirch and Bregenz, there were three each. In the past year, more women could enter their partnership. This year, there were five pairs of male and only one female pair, it is said from the district administrations.

Some interested parties also came to learn. Just when about a partner not in Austria is born, the procurement of the necessary documents is often expensive. Among other things, it takes an extract from the register of births for the registration.

Number of registered partnerships halved -