Dec 212011

Many homosexuals use the intimacy of Mr. saunas in the Linz Parkbad for indecent acts. Many sauna guests are so angry. The bath operator Linz AG now intervenes with a non-routine way: naked securities monitor and order.

"As bad as this year it never was." We knew no other way to help us"justified baths-chef Thomas rood screen the unusual measure. Namely, Linz AG infiltrates sauna sheriffs in the sauna cabins of the Park bath for several days. They have commissioned immediately to punish indecent acts at sauna temperatures. Rood screen: "our sauna guard immediately brings out these people and warns them. We create a log, so that everything has its order. Anything better is invaded us, to put saunas as security guards in that."

More than 10 ads

But not always use the admonitory words of naked sauna Sheriffs--they come from various private insurance services - something. Numerous re-entry bans were already being made. Also so rood screen, filed, more than ten ads due to public indecency at the police station in this Saunasaison.

The new Linz sauna Sheriffs are also desired, says Lam. About the exact procedure of Linz bad boss wanted to not be expressed but in conversation with the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten. Anyway, the security organs would have a corresponding certificate to.

What feel actually that bothered the Linz sauna guests Mr Lam? "Oh well! This begins with clear spells. It happens but again and again, that homosexuals attack each other on the genitals." Many of the approximately 250,000 sauna guests in Linz are so angry. This is definitely not acceptable.

"Everyone is welcome"

Thomas Lam stressed that the Linz AG each guest welcome and the sexual orientation of a sauna guest is of course irrelevant. But, all of the popular Park bathroom sauna guests would have to adhere to the rules.

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