Mar 292013
Schwuler Jesus

The Austrian far-right party FPÖ feels offended, because the youth wing of the Green Party had distributed a satirical newspaper with a "gay Jesus".

FPÖ General Secretary Harald Vilimsky said on Tuesday that the Greens proved "extremely tasteless remarks that they have a firm anchoring in the extreme corner". The reason was the satirical newspaper "Why!" the young Greens in the Western Province of Vorarlberg. She already appeared last year in the autumn, but apparently only now fell to the right-wing populists.

In the second edition of the newspaper, the authors refer "Gay Jesus" on a picture on the front page under the headline an activist dressed in a Bible costume, which has demonstrated in a small town with the label "Gay Pride" for gay rights. Under the photo the photo caption is inside: "Jesus on sacred mission in Dornbirn". The newspaper consists largely of satirical articles with headings such as "NATO receives Nobel Peace Prize" and "shock: cow eating grass". In a "listing" of the conservative Austrian people's Party also says: "Anti-Semitism is a value from Austria", which has also caused indignation in the successors of Jörg Haider. The FPÖ finds it scandalous that this sheet before schools in Vorarlberg was distributed: "So that all limits of acceptability are blasted", so Vilimsky.


"Insult an entire people"

The Christian group also in the FPÖ, the Christian Freheitliche platform (CFP), understands the homosexual activists dressed as Jesus as a personal attack: "I do not see what pointedly at the insult to an entire people and the mockery of a religious community, 70 per cent of these people belong or is to be provocative", said CFP President and Federal Council Konstantin Dobrilovic. He sees now apparently the Greens as hippies, who live at public expense: "This shows once again just what keep the Greens of Austria, the Christian faith and religious feelings – namely nothing at all. But they rely on the benefits of that so hated state very probably busy. Since every decent citizen can turn away probably just disgusted."

FPÖ-related blogs is attempting to arouse indignation in their followers. Dieter Egger writes: "' gay Jesus'" is an insult and defamation by Christians, but all silent! "." He also complained that the Greens do not have Mohammed have made fun. In Vorarlberg, but less than one in ten citizens is Muslim, while four-fifths belong to the Catholic faith.

The Liberal Party is already since decades mood against minorities such as foreigners and homosexuals. So were the right-wing populists with slogans such as "as ham instead of Islam" or "Love instead of Moroccan thieves". Homosexuals trying to bring the FPÖ for years in connection with child abuse. So, the party in a dossier accused homosexual activists to support an "influential paedophile lobby" ( reported). Due to their proximity to the right-wing extremism is the party international criticism. Nevertheless, reached 17.5 percent of the vote in the last national elections and became the third-strongest force of the country's Social Democrats and conservatives.

“Gay Jesus”: Rechtspopulisten sind empört –