May 132013
Pistola que pone condones

At the end of last March, the philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced that it will grant 100 thousand dollars in funding to the individual, group or company that will reinvent the condom. The contest intends to encourage the invention of products that improve the lives of people the world's poorest.

Joerg Sprave, had a bright idea in response to the proposal made by Gates on the Slingshot Channel. Invention condom gun.

Joerg, proposing something very simple and practical to the male gender. One person either can pointing the gun toward his private parts, shoot and go...

The condom of the new generation, according to this organization, should be easy to use and definitely more pleasant people more to use it. The initiative is part of an overall strategy to combat the AIDS epidemic.

Two weeks later, the German inventor Sprave already has a prototype for the contest, and although for now clarifies that it is in a comic tone, shows that there are infinite ways of reinventing the condom.

It is a wooden gun to apply the condom. In the three minute video that rode on YouTube, Sprave makes a demonstration as she explains that the prototype still work missing. Why he says you need the 100 thousand dollars, to improve accuracy, and to combat the inevitable panic of the consumer.

This improves, may be in its quality, its form or way of putting it.

We're not sure if "gun puts condoms", meet any of these requirements. But we must recognize that it is an original idea and the video demo is also very good.

Content» they invent "Gun" that puts condoms

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