Jul 312012
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The conservative Colin Craig politician, leader of the opposition in New Zealand, on last Friday condemned any intention of respecting the rights of sexual minorities in the oceanic country.

Craig, leader of the conservative party in New Zealand, has argued that homosexuality is an "abnormality", urging not to allow that same-sex couples can join in marriage.

"It is important that the marriage continues to be between a man and a woman", said the conservative politician, condemning that "a small minority wants to change the rules of the game".

"Has the time come so that all New Zealanders, who recognize the importance of marriage as the union between a man and a woman, stand and make it listen", said the politician.

The leader of the Conservative Party of New Zealand has advocated that citizenship must actively press the political class because it would not have "enough character", alleging that members, if they are not pressured by citizens against sexual minorities, must grant in favour of the rights of the LGBT community in the oceanic country.

Alexander Rocha

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