Apr 092013
'froh, dass sich Homos nicht ausgezogen haben'

The visit of the Russian head of State Vladimir Putin in Amsterdam was accompanied by numerous protests. Especially lesbians and gay men have demonstrated against the laws against "Homosexual propaganda", which is to be decided in Moscow. Putin himself mocked the demonstrators. The Mayor of Amsterdam left the city during the controversial visit to half-mast breeze all rainbow flags.

Official Amsterdam Putin shows his back

Last night, several thousand people in the Dutch capital on the road are gone, to show their rejection of the law that "Homosexual propaganda" to prohibit. Homosexuality should be then practically only more visible, when children and young people have no opportunity to see something. The State Duma voted almost unanimously for the Bill in January at first reading.

Many politicians were among the demonstrators. "We have many gay and lesbians in Amsterdam and we want that, in our city, everyone live how he wants. We also want that the whole world knows that our city point", so the Deputy Mayor Andrée van ES by the Greens to the news channel"Euronews".

Even Mayor Eberhard van der Laan has not as originally planned himself with Putin hit. His predecessor Job Cohen has public appeal a rainbow flag on Sunday in front of a bar in the gay area of Amsterdam half-mast set.

Amnesty International has cordoned off symbolic areas of the city with a yellow ribbon, which was read: "No. Gay propaganda below this line". "Banning 'Homosexual propaganda' is only a step to what gay called a Government witch hunt. Only in the last year, a Moscow Court has banned the Gay Pride for 100 years. That is not good arrived at the local politicians in Amsterdam. That have resorted to the unusual step to demonstrate against a State visit", as the Euro News correspondent.

Putin: 'we discriminate not gay'

In his response, Putin mocked the protesters: in reference to a protest the previous day, the Femen activists in Hanover demonstrated naked in front of Putin and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he said he was pleased "that the Homos in Amsterdam does not have stripped their clothes".

But the political message of the protestors was clear: you must understand that different companies have different mentalities, as Putin. He could "not imagine, that a Moscow court would approve an organization that promoted paedophilia. In the Netherlands it is possible"to Putin at a press conference.

In addition gays and lesbians would not discriminate in Russia, said Putin. "These people will enjoy all freedoms and rights as the other citizens of Russia, they hold different positions and can make a career," so the Russian leader continues.

GGG.at: [video] Putin in Amsterdam: demonstrations and rainbow flags on half mast

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