Jun 152012
Labour MP Louisa Wall and Greens MP Kevin Hague both have gay marriage bills in the members ballot box

Labour and the Greens both have gay marriage bills in the members ballot box and say they’ve doubled the chance of one of them being drawn.

Labour’s Louisa Wall put hers in last month and the Green’s Kevin Hague put his in on Friday.

“Opinion polls show more than twice as many New Zealanders support marriage equality as oppose it,” they said in a joint statement.

“It’s time to extend the state’s recognition of marriage to any couple who love each other.”

Both bills propose amending current law so same sex couples can be married the same way as men and women.

Bills drawn from the ballot go on Parliament’s agenda for a first reading, and if one of the gay marriage bills comes out there will be a conscience vote on it.

That means parties don’t tell their MPs how to vote and they do what they feel is right.

Prime Minister John Key says he doesn’t have a problem with gay marriage but it isn’t a Government priority.

One or two members bills are usually drawn every second Wednesday that Parliament sits.

There are nearly 60 bills in the box and some have been there for years.