May 082012
Anjali Lama

Audrey Hepburn, the epitome of style and grace, never had it easy. Growing up during World War 2, her only escape was dancing. For many years, all she had was small insignificant screen roles. She never once gave up until a chance encounter with a film crew who thought she would be perfect for the lead role in ‘Gigi’.

Who better than to represent a modern day Nepali Audrey Hepburn than Anjali Lama? They share the same story: a struggle for identity.

Anjali Lama puts some of us women to shame. We are not talking about her slim waistline, her limbs that never end or that prominent jaw line. When she speaks, she exudes poise and grace. She walks as if she owns the ground beneath her. Little do people know that behind the smile that unfolds when she talks about her favourite colour lies a character of steel with a strong need for acceptance.

“You may think in this age where most people are educated, a transgender would be less taunted, you couldn’t be more wrong. We are still discriminated when it comes to jobs, accommodation and sadly, opportunities” Anjali says empathically.

Anjali left Nuwakot for Kathmandu, 10 years ago. While working at Blue Diamond Society, she is also doing her Bachelors in Humanities from Trichandra College. Passionate about modeling, she vows to never stop trying. For as she says, “With the likes of Miss Universe Canada, Lea T and Andrej Pejic rocking the runways and gracing top magazine covers, there’s hope. At the end of the day I am as capable as any another model.”

Here she stands, Anjali Lama, just a young woman, asking you to give her a chance.