Apr 022013
Nederland - Verneukeratieve chlamydia-variant treft homo’s en hetero’s

Lymphogranuloma venereum, or LGV, is a sexually transmitted disease, which in Western countries such as Netherlands little occurred.

Last year, however, the number of infections more than doubled, from 51 to 116.

Doctors are concerned about the advance of this aggressive chlamydia variant, which spread among gay men.............

According to the annual results of the Amsterdam STD outpatient clinic that be announced shortly.

In tropical countries (South-East Asia, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean) came the soa already more common. That is caused by a certain variant of the Chlamydia bacterium, not the same type that also the well-known Chlamydia infection of the urethra in men and women caused, but another type (in the laboratory using the letters L1, L2 or L3).

Of the men who last year testing, turned out to be more than 1% with LVG infected. Meanwhile the first contamination of heterosexuals. There are fears that spread further accelerate expires, says AMC-Professor Henry de Vries, working in STD outpatient clinic.

The LGV-virus penetrates the lining the lymph job in. Lymph vessels can thereby destroyed, whereby no more moisture to drain. Constrictions in the intestines can also occur. The infection is very treatable with antibiotics, but the insidious is that a quarter of the patients had no complaints. De Vries: ' they can transfer it though. '

After an infection caused wounds, making people easier other STDs (including hiv) amount and transfer it. That explains also the possible increase in the number of cases of hepatitis C among Amsterdam gays.

Insidious chlamydia variant affects gays and heterosexuals | Sex